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Our First Anniversary Message

Northeast Oklahoma – October 2, 2007 — Reflecting back over our first year, SGC has offered numerous documentary films and educational events. We’ve met for coffee chats, green drinks, and educational meetings, workshops, and events.

We have actively advocated in the areas of: sustainably-grown local food, clean air, mercury emissions, green building, energy conservation & renewable energy, and “greening” local churches and city governments.

Our ongoing communication efforts include:

Our events, meetings & workshops consisted of:

  • An all day Organic Gardening Seminar, with over 200 in attendance
  • An eight-day natural building workshop
  • A tour of a grid-tied photovoltaic home selling surplus solar-generated energy back to the utilities.
  • “Greening the Holidays”
  • Go!Green: Greening Your Home
  • Pearl EcoFest, highlighting local foods, local artisans, and sustainability non-profits.

Our 2007 film schedule included:

  • Blue Vinyl
  • Who Killed the Electric Car?
  • An Inconvenient Truth
  • The Power of Community: How Cuba Survived Peak Oil
  • Kilowatt Ours
  • Fed Up! Genetic Engineering, Industrial Agriculture, & Sustainable Alternatives

Our largest project came to fruition after almost a year of planning when we launched the “Buy Fresh Buy Local” campaign in August, 2007. The 2007 Local Food Guide that we produced has been well-received and we have plans for a larger, more comprehensive Guide for 2008. We worked with our statewide BFBL chapter, Kerr Center for Sustainable Agriculture, and other invested partners for the 2007 launch of the Tulsa-area BFBL campaign. With OSN’s assistance it will expand into the entire NE Oklahoma region in 2008.

The steering committee for the BFBL committee included farmers, market managers, Oklahoma Food Coop, OSU Cooperative Extension Service, community garden leaders, and private and public partnerships. BFBL fulfills SGC’s mission of highlighting the interconnectedness of the rural and the urban to create a more sustainable community.

Ready, get set, grow! The Tulsa area had eight farmers’ markets to shop and support on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Leslie Moyer, SGC founder, managed the Wednesday Cherry Street Farmers’ Market this year, writing a weekly customer newsletter that served as a market reminder as well as an announcement of the market offerings that week. In addition, it offered recipes for the fresh fruits & vegetables in abundance that particular week.

SGC, along with other private and public partnerships, sponsored and managed the new Pearl Farmers Market, located in the inner core of Tulsa. The market was open every Thursday evening for seven months and was started with the intention to: grow our local food supply, support and value our local farmers/producers, boost our local economy, and help revitalize an area committed to creating a more sustainable, walkable community. The Pearl Farmers’ Market is managed by Rita Scott and Lydia Patitsas, SGC founding members.

Over the past year, we have partnered with our parent organization, the Oklahoma Sustainability Network (OSN), Kerr Center for Sustainable Agriculture, several student groups at the University of Tulsa (TU), all of the farmers’ markets in the Tulsa metro area, Tulsa Community Garden Association, Global Gardens, North Tulsa EATS, OSU-Extension, the local COTE chapter of the American Institute of Architects, Indian Health Care Resource Center, Pearl Neighborhood Association, Kendall-Whittier Neighborhood Assn., Tulsa County Health Department WIC program, St. Francis Hospital, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Tulsa Parks & Recreation, Sustainable Tulsa, Food Routes, Oklahoma Sierra Club, and local sustainability-focused businesses such as Sun City Solar Energy and Tulsa BioFuels.

We have met many like minds along the way who care deeply about their environment, the quality of the air they breathe, their water quality, food quality, the depletion of our natural resources, sustainable transportation issues, affordable green shelter, healthy products, and so much more.

We already have much in the works for 2008 and we look forward to our second year.


Sustainable Green Country Council

Rita Scott, President
Leslie Moyer, Vice President
Cheryl Richardson, Secretary
Alan Moyer, Treasurer
Lydia Patitsas
Dr. Chad Settle
Montelle Clark
Seneca Scott
Justin Pickard
Todd Stephens

Advisory from Austin-
Konstantin Popov
Keeshi Ingram

New Regional Sustainability Group Formed

Northeast Oklahoma – October 21, 2006 — A group of committed participants has come together to form a new sustainability group in northeastern Oklahoma. This new chapter of the Oklahoma Sustainability Network will focus on bringing together and unifying rural, suburban, and urban facets of sustainability—broadening to include a regional view of sustainability. We recognize that healthy urban communities depend upon healthy surrounding rural communities and vice-versa. This broadened focus is reflected in the name we’ve chosen—Sustainable Green Country.

Sustainability is a multi-faceted concept addressing prosperity, fairness, and a healthy environment. These elements are interdependent – each can sustain its existence indefinitely only if the others are in balance. In 1987, the United Nations defined sustainability as “meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”

Sustainable Green Country will emphasize developing relationships among diverse groups and building community throughout the region as the cornerstone of the group. We believe that “community” begins within the group so that it may be reflected in our larger purpose. Social events, networking opportunities, educational sharing events, regular open meetings and energetic working partnerships are some of the ways we look forward to building community.

We have a profound dedication to true grassroots involvement and full participation in the organization by all of our members. We foresee many opportunities for full community involvement in directing goal setting and project concentration for the group. Effective, timely, and transparent communication are clear goals—both within our board structure and outside the board in our interaction with the greater public. We look forward to working collaboratively with other community groups and with all interested individuals.

Sustainable Green Country will make concerted efforts toward developing representational diversity—cultural, ethnic, socio-economic, geographic—within the organization that is also reflected in our activities.

In all that we do, we intend to maintain an appreciation for and recognition of all the volunteer efforts that propel the sustainability movement and forward the many goals that “sustainability” encompasses.

With the founding of this group, we extend an open invitation to participate to everyone who would like to learn more about sustainability and to help move our families and all of northeastern Oklahoma in a more sustainable direction. We look forward to making our common sustainable vision our sustainable reality.


Rita Scott, President

Leslie Moyer, Vice President

Todd Stephens, Secretary

Alan Moyer, Treasurer

Keeshi Ingram

Konstantin Popov

Seneca Scott

Montelle Clark

Lydia Patitsas

Chad Settle

Michael McCann

Spilling the Beans: Our Food System on Film

Every Tuesday in June
6:00 pm
Central Library, Aaronson Auditorium